Tips To Sell Your Website

Some tips to help get your site sold quicker and at a higher price.

1. Write Unique Content – Unique content will play a big role to getting listed in Google to selling your website at a higher price. The more fresh unique content on your site the better, the more new pages the better. Take the time and keep your site updated once a week or more, if you where doing this you probably wouldn’t be selling, you’d be getting Google traffic If you know what you are doing!

2. Good Niche – If you have a good niche you will have a better chance at selling your website. Websites that are based off CPA income ads make good money. Have a good clean niche and you will find others seeing the potential in the niche and buy your site at a higher price.

3. Build Good Backlinks – If you use the SEO Contact Sniper to build quality links, you will have good backlinks to your website. The SEO Contact Sniper is a program that allows you to contact all the webmasters for the search terms you are targeting for you to get linked to your fellow competitors will give you a big link juice boost for the SERP’s.

4. Keep Track Of Traffic – Assuming you have Google analytics, you should keep track of the incoming traffic, take screenshots and document where your traffic is coming deom. If your traffic is coming from the search engines your site will sell for more and be worth the buy for the seller.

5. Save Income – When you list a website on flipurr you will find that putting up pay stubs and screenshots of all your websites earnings will beef up your websites value. Posting this on flipurr the place where you can buy and sell websites, the online market place for domain auctions will ensure you sell your website at a quick, quality price.