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Google Sniper 3.0 Review

Google sniper 3.0 Review

If you are struggling to create unique content with your articles you need to read this. I will give my specific strategies to use it to overcome the block book and never struggled to create new themes. At the beginning of each writing course you must have at least 20-30 subjects of different elements which you can work on. Having a group plan of what I will write about each day will make your life a hundred times easier! You can use keyword tools such as keywords, google sniper 3.0 Google ad words,  keyword or sniper words to develop ideas for topics from articles. If not technical and do not want to learn any of these keyword tools, you can go to Amazon and look at the bestsellers people are buying. Being researched this way, you can develop article topics. Another effective way is to find out what your competitors are writing.Usually, you can find specific topics related to. Look at the article and see if you can talk about expanding a specific topic in more detail. This way, when people come to your article you see that you are even providing more information about what your competitors are. Thus making it seem like an industry expert more than one.Therefore, it is always strongly recommended that you register in the email list of your competitors and sign up for your email campaigns. Because more likely to happen to provide specific information to readers in email campaigns. Take some of these issues and expand in more detail. Wikipedia is also a great resource that can be used to develop article topics. Google sniper 3.0 Scroll down when searching for specialized keywords and monitor all references and sources that you can click.

You should not be surprised if you can find hundreds if not thousands of article resources from which you can pull information. Just remember when you create your articles to demonstrate the specific resources that you are quoting. In this way, you can avoid any plagiarism or legal action against you. Using these resources any content should be a problem put for your articles, and 20-30 specific topics you can write about this week. If you see a particular topic you want, ask yourself specific questions about the subject to expand in more detail and create more items.Do you remember having seen Terminator, and SkyNet? Remember the robotic rattles in this military facility? It seems to be a smart intelligent drone with a submachine gun and other attached ordinance. He also seems to be aware of himself, able to work completely independently find its goals, prevent shooting without a human in a loop or sit behind computer peripheral games as they do now. But the future? Very well may be, but there are a lot of good techniques along these same lines thought. In fact, the helicopter Sikorski helicopter wants to create a self-conscious. You’ve heard a Google car that is completely independent, and all the automakers are now building cars that can take more for excessive drivers, or help in difficult conditions to prevent accidents. Sikorski wants to do the same. You see, DARPA has already helped a military contractor to produce an unmanned helicopter to deliver supplies to the troops advanced military bases. Google sniper 3.0 download the helicopter itself can be transported by an individual, or can be flown independently.

Google Sniper 3.0 Free Download

There are some new techniques that you will hear the sound of sniper fire, triangulation back enemy position, so that good can shoot back, know exactly where to come. Sikorski wants to put this in military helicopters, so the helicopters can independently prevent the fire, locate or transmit that information or endanger the target using artificial intelligence in real time without having to have a human to handle all this information. This allows the pilot to fly the helicopter continuously without having to worry about who was shot. Sikorski also wants to create turning rotor blades. For example, rotor blade change shape depending on their environment, relative wind, current load and cruising speed for the most effective way. Through it, they can make the helicopter quieter for urban environments, police, executive transport and military applications. If you are new to the web or just a basic user, then you have seen and heard people remember miniclip games. Well, what can you ask for? Mini clip games, also known as flash games are addictive games you can play online for free. This can be played on your web browser even if used for example. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, then you should be able to download and play these games too. They are to play on your browser, such as game devices are always improving, and artificial intelligence more players to the enemy, and games for a longer and more advanced period with more things to do in the game, and the ability to include graphics In 3D and real life and much more.

Many people left their families and friends. Even married couples can be separated by short or long periods of time, which makes life more difficult for the husband at home and child care. There are material sacrifices made by those who joined the armed forces. In the field, soldiers are required to carry out the exercise of tear gas. These exercises can be soldered into a room filled with tear gas, remove the protective mask and complete the task. Even with the burning of the mask, one can feel the effects of tear gas, Google sniper 3.0 free download so you can imagine how horrible airborne and unmasked. Although there are many sacrifices in the armed forces, and the truth is that our country needs these men and women. Many companies are aware of the importance of the military for the benefit of our country and offer or reduce those they serve. For example, offer discounts for all mobile phone companies. You can get a discount from many cell phone service providers like AT & T, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Discounts vary between 5% and 15% vary. In a single line is a good discount plan, but in the family plan is an incredible discount. All this works in the application of the same software called Flash, also known as Macromedia Flash, developers have to pay for the program to create games and animation. Most browsers, since you are now using to read this, you should be required to run flash games this type of software automatically. If not, then you do not have to worry because when you try to download a game in your browser you will automatically install the necessary software to play free games.

Keyword Sniping – What is it and How Do You Keyword Snipe?

The reason that most people have problems with your network marketing business is because they do not really understand how the industry works. Google sniper 3.0 Often this is because they sold a package of lies from the company that paid them false hopes and promises. Some just join because they are sold on the idea that they can leave your work and work from home if you just buy the distribution and call some potential customers.

Is a classic scam. It tells a lot of promise at first about what a great opportunity it is and how you do not need any experience to start and you will have residual income through hard work during the early years. However, once you are inside, you will face many challenges and realize that there is really no him.

Please note that this work is fun and simple if you leave it, but perseverance,  and professionalism to earn a six figure income will be. Did you know that 95% of people who enter the marketing network do not have experience in previous sales? Google sniper 3.0 pdf download Most people who join the industry do not intend to become a “professional marketing network”, google sniper 3.0 that is exactly what you are asked if you want to make a  income time.

This leads to serious marketing network difficulties involving sales and marketing, regardless of how many MLM distributors have told you to get subscribed. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make in network marketing. They thought that the product is “selling” while sharing information and company products. Yes, MLM is actually a simple business, but perseverance and professionalism make it a 6-figure income is needed.

Another common mistake is that you will not be able to sell to your friends and family. Many network marketing programs or MLM programs encourage you to share these great opportunities with your friends and family first when in fact, google sniper 3.0 pdf download your friends and family even want or similar product. If you make sales, you can be people who feel they are forced or simply trying to get back. Do not rely on your family and friends to get rich in the MLM program. Even if you type enough to buy from you, chances are they will not become a millionaire in this way.

You see, this is a marketing and promotion industry by people who have no idea how to market or promote their follow-up. The fact is that true MLM success comes from training, experience, know-how and even practice. Can live well? Sure you can. Can be very rich and successful? In the end, yes you can. But do not expect success to be a miracle overnight. google sniper 3.0 price I do not think you can achieve this without some work involved. If network marketing is so simple that anyone can do, the products are sold, will not everyone be millions?

As I mentioned earlier, your business is marketing. This is why it must be aligned with a group of marketers who will actually show commonalities in their success and use of their expertise. Google sniper 3.0 proof This will eliminate 90% of your learning curve that usually causes most people to fail and give up their initial dreams. I just want you to understand that if you are not creating a steady stream of potential customers every day or if you do not put your business in front of 5-10 people a day, your dream will remain just a dream.

What about the success stories you hear in your company? In one way or another, they found a way to be ahead of many points of view every day in a negative way. How? They leveraged other people on their computers or systems. In short, the traditional marketing is ineffective “gun” marketing strategy for a scatter shot will not take you too far, and become more expensive. Google sniper 3.0 real or fake The audience is bombarded with commercials and making things worse for businesses is that today’s technology literally has allowed people to put a “firewall” in their lives.

Finding the right keywords and search engine optimization allows the person to do the job to promote the site once and earn the lasting benefits of the effort. Google sniper 3.0 real or fake Once your site has been properly optimized for your keyword search and has gained a favorable niche in the search engines, there is a minimum of effort to keep it there. This is why so many online entrepreneurs have done research and optimized the sea

Spread the word! Viral marketing is the fuel that drives your own online business. Millions of websites are constantly used as a form of marketing. Google sniper 3.0 review Some of the marketing strategies are kept constant, such as blogs and emails. Background links and link addresses Worrall remains its own strong.

You do not know what Google or other search engines will pull to stop bad SEO practices. Basic marketing concepts remain the same. This article outlines the 5.5 trends that continue or appear in the online marketing world for 2013 and 2014.

Trends in Viral Marketing

Quality on quantity – from being an apprentice to everything and nothing master will crush your business. Attractive marketing methods at affordable prices can make business owners engage with anyone. Most people will not find their appeal or fit for them. Google sniper 3.0 review Create targeted marketing campaigns. Advertising your real estate brand to a sports forum is a waste of time and annoying people.

Concentrate on your audience. Be a sniper and identify the customers. High click-through rates await online marketing. With a lot of marketing techniques there, on many platforms, it is best to focus on 1-3 marketing strategies. Mastery and outsource the rest of the sources.

New blogging platform – Move the word, click on the new launches of microblogging platform and targeting affiliates, network, online marketers, Google sniper 3.0 success stories and small business owners. Google sniper 3.0 review warrior forum It will launch this viral blogging system with over 200,000 bloggers and 100% commissions with its affiliate program. WordPress blogging platform is not bad, but it is difficult to use for the novice.

I’m still blogging to keep the press. It will be both blogging platforms and create a link juice between the two. This new viral internet marketing tool will change when it comes to affiliate marketing online. Google sniper 3.0 the complete system free download With its ease of use more small business owners will create the content of this new viral blogging system. Google sniper 3.0 tutorial This new platform will also be available in mobile applications.

Mobile advertising will increase – 1 in 4 potential customers surf on their mobile devices. Your site needs on the web for the appropriate mobile technology. Providing social media and search engines now works for sellers to showcase their mobile users. Mobile marketing will increase. Will you be ready for your business? Viral mobile marketing + Advertising = more cash for you.

Discover Two Powerful Blogging For Profit Strategies – Don’t Require a Blog

Long Tail Pro is a program that helps you perform a keyword search that receives a lot of free traffic name, allows you to analyze your competitors and control your ranking in the search engines so that within a week of your website Or blog will rank high on Google. This program does these three functions with faster than those that can be already familiar, such as the speed of the samurai market. The price is much lower than the price of similar products.

Ways to Get Traffic on the Website

Before I Get Into the Long Tail Pro Details I want to give you a background on how to get traffic so you can appreciate the best job in the software to help you get free traffic.

When You’re New to Internet Marketing I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get free traffic or exposure to my sites and blogs. I tried email marketing,  Sfelicts, traffic exchange, google sniper 3.0 download  social bookmarking, article writing, and so I could have imagined the outcome of my efforts in these methods: almost none of the benefits, with the exception of marketing the Article. Viewers are going to click on the link to websites or blogs, but all this. I think they left immediately, google sniper 3.0 download free do not bother reading two sentences on me your blog or website.

Then I discovered that if you want to get real people interested in what you were writing and I would use keywords that these people write on their computer to look for what interests them. It was a turning point in my quest for a lot of valuable traffic, seen by people who are going to read what I wrote because they were interested in what I put on my own website or blog this point.

Programs that help with keyword search

Google sniper 3.0 español Then I also discovered that there are programs that really look for these keywords that people write on their computer because they are interested in finding something. In some, like the Google Odors Keyword Tool, Wordtracker tool. Others should be paid for, such as the Samurai market, the word Pro Sniper, Micro Nich Finder, SEO Power Suite, and Pro’s long tail. I tested them. This really gave me a lot of traffic.

What I like about this software is that they automate the search process for these keywords. All I have to do is define a good domain name keyword generated by the program, google sniper 3.0 forum and writing articles about these keywords. The rest are the people who are watching and reading blogs and websites.

The use of these keywords generated by the software, google sniper 3.0 francais and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that my blog was very high on Google, that I am only a simple employee in the Philippines. People who were already reading Mnesba. Many of them participated in my blogs.

Long Tail Pro

In my use Long Tail Pro was very satisfied with a very fast speed and generated keywords. There are many filters to choose from so you only get the most profitable keywords. Google sniper 3.0 free download There is even a candidate to reduce the amount of cost per click or CPC I can put the actual amount.

Pro with a long queue that can analyze competitors and I am able to get keywords with low level of competition. This means that there is a greater chance of people preferring to click on my links.

Finally I program in my Google control range, google sniper 3.0 free download pdf I use it to link to other sites and other methods to get the best ranking on Google.

Guarantee surprise

I have found this type of guarantee in one product: immediate recovery of your money if you are not satisfied with the program. Google sniper 3.0 free pdf Do not wait for 30 days or 45 days or 60 days. Using it if you are not satisfied, you can get an immediate response.


One of the disadvantages of this program with a long Pro queue is that there is a delay in obtaining the license code. Users also suffered from this program since this delay. Of course, google sniper 3.0 full free download there are email address support issues so this problem can be solved.

Another drawback is that the user of this program has to be careful not to suspend the Google Adwords account or even canceled. This can happen if not observed at the end of this research program. You can search for 5 unique keywords at a time. Also note the delay of 5 seconds between each query. Failure to comply with this delay can also cause problems in the Google Adwords account. Google sniper 3.0 george brown This is illustrated in the manual that accompanies this program when you purchase. Sometimes, in the excitement we can forget this warning, as it did with my use of Facebook. I was suspended twice for Facebook because of my speed and

Software tools that claim to show methods of killing and destruction on how to absorb the improper benefits of outstanding search engines, google sniper 3.0 guide especially Google continue to emerge, but the problem is how do you actually get real? A good number of members can witness countless counting time how many times have been ripped off by the purchase of worthless blue prints and systems that do not show promise.

The gurus have made that e-books profitable in the market a number of affiliates are increasingly skeptical. Well, as things may also be skeptics do not make you a successful affiliate vendor rather keep you in a steady position. We all know how to feel when tears are not once but many times, google sniper 3.0 guide but think more research and reading authentic testimonials on products is the best way to avoid that experience.

As a result, we now have more negative buyers than active readers. Keyword Elite 2.0 has come to an end with advanced lessons on how to become a successful affiliate seller and buyer generates keywords. A good number of members think that when you get ranked and ranked your first on Google ads make them rich, but if you experience this impression, then thinking twice should be the best thing to do. Google sniper 3.0 guide Ranking number one on Google, certainly attracts many traffic but not surprised that 98% of those deals are passive readers who have just seen and navigation of the site. More importantly our goal must focus more on developing keywords that attract active buyers buyers to many sales commissions.

Like the predecessor word Elite1.0 which launched in 2005, and took the Internet world by storm, Keyword Elite 2.0 has been modified with new rules that help pay per click affiliates to make their searches smarter. Do the teachers on how to get the real buyer keywords that he uses instead of getting keywords that will attract unnecessary traffic with little or no sales. Google sniper 3.0 kickass Keyword Elite 2.0 also provides advice on how to get low competition ports and relieve congestion congested traffic on pay per click.

Not only a tutorial on how to adapt to new rules to pay per click and get niche and low competition also advises you on how to get great sites and take them to joint ventures, uncovering where to get the most important images of your crazy traffic, google sniper 3.0 login Big affiliate advertising name, give a careful analysis of how other sites get keywords goals, how to use search engine divider to beat great sites and other amazing tutorials.

Google sniper 3.0 manual There is still a common mistake among aspiring online marketers. Many people still believe that to create a successful online business key is to create a vast network of advice or even hundreds of thousands of keywords. Using any of the “spyware” tools is not analyzing the sites of the competitors and see for yourself.

In practice, this process can be considered overwhelming someone and he or she will pull the tail of “analysis paralysis” spend hours and hours of keyword analysis in the search for the gold ticket. As a result, google sniper 3.0 manual free was not through the follow-up necessary to establish procedures that seek a lucrative business.

Were the times

In the early days of online marketing, brute force methods like the “keyword” effective filler. You can not succeed in getting a good ranking and the development of a large number of relevant keywords on the page or included in my dead alternative. This has led to the practice of the “black hat” tactic to hide the key text to deceive the search engines without distracting visitors words. Search engines tailored to this strategy is now obsolete.

Similarly, in the early days of Google Odords, you can use your account and even thousands of keywords and achieve a fixed number of visits to your site “pistol” approach. The problem is that there is no place (outer encyclopedia) to be closely linked to many of these keywords.

This practice has led to Google’s notorious slap. Google sniper 3.0 manual free download With improvement of search engine algorithms and add “automatic” quality standards, such as Google quality and then be able to provide only a broad network and hope to achieve the best results.

An updated approach

In view of the new environment, the best alternative is a more specific approach, an approach that looks almost like a sniper, where you can explore the market carefully and then zero down to look at some of the more specific keywords.

Such as rough diamonds, these words are the main assets tuning your online business. In order to convert the word to the cash generating you need to do a number of tasks. Google sniper 3.0 members area It is not a tedious and complex task, but most people did not get all their core. Through a simple it can be separated from 97% of other internet marketers out there.

These tasks include page and pageo, and create links to the highest quality referral to your website, and promotion content through articles and videos, and pay-per-click targeting.

It is clear that it would be impossible to pursue these activities if you are trying to target thousands of keywords. So, instead of wasting your time in creating word lists after a mile, google sniper 3.0 official website here you are more focused and you are also more likely to succeed in the current strategic environment.

How To Get Massive Traffic With Blog Commenting – Get Really Fast

If you’re like me everywhere you go there by texting or surfing the internet on your cell phone. It never stopped to amaze me that when buying a new phone is the best version of the same sale. So that hundreds of dollars spent each year to be the latest phone.  Google sniper 3.0 A smart marketing will use this to your advantage. I’m not a puppet, so what did I do? Well, I know it to be a way to make money not to repeat the same thing to all my competitors.

There are many options for me to have this cheesy scene my place in my luxury car with lots of money. SMS, MMS, social marketing, mobile websites and barcodes can help your website to thrive. Almost every Facebook business is now days. Mobile phones are now designed to include Facebook status buttons. This allows your customers to reach you by.     Each application has ads in it, google sniper 3.0 – the complete system and these applications get millions of downloads. Using only some mobile techniques, you can increase your visitors’ traffic and thus increase sales.

The big question is that mobile snipers really help to achieve what you want to achieve. Well, let’s look at the modules, google sniper 3.0 2015 which are basically like this course for you. There are eight modules in the program. The beauty of this program is that it is good for those who are new to mobile marketing. Google sniper 3.0 2016 This assumes course to help you improve your business in six easy numbers if you are in a more advanced stage of your online business.

The initial units introduce the difference between traditional marketing and mobile marketing, how to get a piece of large mobile cake and how to turn your website into a professional mobile website look. If you are newer on internet marketing, you will appreciate the section on how to use the FTP program. What I like about the middle part of this course is how video marketing is given to mobile evolution. Video marketing is a very successful way to market your business. Google sniper 3.0 affiliate program This is how they are already used and very successful. How many times do you want to learn or find something I found a video? 3-5 units are all about mobile marketing and use videos to make your website better. Video reduces the bounce rate, which helps you in Google, and also provides additional content for your readers that it is interactive.

When you get 6 and 7 units really start to get a deep look at some of the techniques to apply for your ad to watch and click. If you are not very good with this SEO Well, some basic SEO will be included to help you. I’m still kicks this session is a complete package. I thought this session would be able to mobile marketing, but I did not know it would be different other components other than that. What I like is that the Mobile Sniper has a section on SEO, using the AdWords program, and even some tricks for the trade of big names in marketing.

Byoto Uotob now Yahoo to become the number 2 search engine behind Google. There are a large number of visits on YouTube.  Google sniper 3.0 bestblackhatforum What is really crazy is that many of the videos get hundreds of thousands and even millions of views is not made up by the sellers but by fans and fans or those who just happen to post a video that many people they worry. Most YouTube channel owners do not have an idea about how to earn revenue from their videos. They are not the sellers. This is an advantage for you.

The Uotob sniper technology is to find really common videos in the selected niche does not contain links in the descriptions, videos, and get the owner to put a link to your website or follow it on the video link by paying a small fee for him. Since most owners of YouTube channels are not sellers and never think about trying to get economic benefits from the videos of them, it is easy to negotiate a very good price to put your link in the description and video description.

To Implement YouTube Sniper Technology The first thing you need to find is a profitable niche. The work is the same so it does not make sense to bang your head against the wall to strengthen the condition of which do not bring results. Google sniper 3.0 black hat This is supposed to be a forum that generates large amounts of Uotob views. Then you have to find the quality of the reliable program or product that you want to release to viewers of these popular videos.

Now you have to try to find the corresponding video in your niche. Just go to YouTube and start typing the relevant keywords in your location. You want to find the videos do not contain a large number of unique observations, but those who reach a large number of views now. If the video is at the age of 5 years and having 1 million views may have been known to be popular, but now already popular. One is to look for tricks by the number of views and then look for videos uploaded during the last month. If you find the video that had 300,000 views in the last month, you may have a winner!

You should also check the comments. How do you get the video in the new comments? This is important. This shows that people are watching the video and actively respond to it. You get their attention. You can also check the statistics bar. Here’s a snapshot of the video, which got over 500,000 views in just 3 weeks! There are some hot selling points! Do you have something to sell that fans? free download of google sniper 3.0. Here the idea. Google sniper 3.0 Heck, get google sniper 3.0 which deals with these events and find out if these products or products related to affiliate programs. Look at the red arrow. This is the statistics of the buttons. Simply click on this button on any YouTube video to view your detailed video statistics.

If you are new to eBay, it is very easy to get carried away by bidding items. You can even, in the excitement of the auction to let go and pay the value of the item, or more than you want. There are some bidding techniques that are on eBay when winning every major auction.

An early offer

Through bidding early in the auction within the first few days, and this shows your serious buyer and gives you time to overcome the restrictions that can be placed on the seller. Sometimes, it was approved in advance auctions for registered suppliers only offered, in which case you should contact the seller and get permission to make an offer. Google sniper 3.0 buy Public acquisition ensures that you do not forget the auction and if you enter the maximum of your bid in the first place you can forget about the auction until it ends. In the early low bidding on the item, unfortunately, google sniper 3.0 does it work you can raise the price of the auction as they are showing an interest in this item.


Hunting is to place an offer in the last seconds of the auction method. This gives you the chance to win the item without giving others time to bid again and it bothers you. While you had the maximum set for payment, you must have a successful bid price – google sniper 3.0 complete system free download so the others did not submit a higher bid. Remember that eBay uses a screen agent price. However, even though you want to leave it to the last possible moment – remember that you need to log on to eBay, and place your bid, and confirm your offer so that you are given ample time to do so. In addition,  about others may use the same technology so they may still lose the auction.

EBay is one of the few sites that agree with snipers. “Snipers is part of the eBay experience and all bids placed before the list ends valid – even if they put a second before the end of the list,” cited help system Country. Other auction sites, do not look at the same practice and if the mode of display within a few years Adakktin, the auction will be extended to allow others to face the bidding.

Automatic payment

There are hundreds of programs, which will automatically pull during the last seconds of the auction. In general, they are successful. Google sniper 3.0 cost Exactly the same manual retribution, with an attempt to be placed at the last second, but the system is generally more accurate and reliable.Just enter the auction number of items, its cost and ready to submit offers and eBay account details so that the program can log into your account.

In Google search, you must find the two free or paid versions of eBay sniper. Google sniper 3.0 You will also find, those working even though the web server – or versions of the programs you have installed on your computer. In general, it considers those services that run through the Internet through more reliable web servers.

Guide to Dating and Developing Quality Relationships

Game: What is game? defines it as “a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.”

Now there are a few major problems I see with this definition. Firstly, it’s implying that there are “a set of rules.” Now I don’t know about you, but the people I’ve been “playing” with apparently didn’t get the same “rules” that I received. My rules clearly stated that:

No Lying – You’re attempting to make a sincere connection with someone and if you lie during this all too important “dating” stage you risk misleading the other person about WHO you actually are. Not only that but if you aren’t authentic during the initial “dating” phase you might find yourself in a relationship that you are left asking “how and the heck did I end up with this person!?” Well, the reason you ended up with that person is because you were both full of crap in the beginning and instead of you both presenting your TRUE selves you presented the “movie trailer” version that only emphasizes the awesome parts and leaves out all of the stuff that sucks about you. Stuff like… “I’m a chain smoking sex addict who once avoided jail time by pleading to a lesser charge and since I wasn’t 18 I managed to keep that shit sealed and therefore you can “Google” my name all you want but you’re never going to find out I’m a psychopathic train wreck who’s going to ruin your life and your credit, until it’s too late!” Live. Laugh. Love!

Now I’m making jokes and am exaggerating (slightly) with the above scenario but stuff like that DOES happen. I’m not going to put down my life experiences but I’ve had enough to tell you that I’ve seen it first hand… and survived. I don’t want to see any of my fellow man (or women) end up in these situations. They aren’t fun and if you aren’t of solid character, can really damage your outlook towards the opposite sex. My mom once gave me some solid advice which is, “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.” What a concept! Think about it… you can be completely unfiltered, authentic and sincere, with ZERO fear of the outcome. What a novel idea! Imagine all of the time and energy you could save by being so completely YOU that the other person is able to make a fairly quick decision about their level of interest. They can either move forward in the relationship or figure out that there is no future romantically, in a matter of minutes!

The moral of the story… Don’t be full of crap. Be yourself. Believe in what you have to offer. If you think she looks good, tell her. If you think she’s wrong about her methods to dieting and you in fact know for sure that “consuming large quantities of laxatives is NOT the most effect way to fit into that size 3″… tell her she’s wrong. Men and women need to stop being so “agreeable” while on dates, unless it’s sincere. I’ve got an incredibly sick sense of humor. Virtually NOTHING is off limits for me when goofing around and joking. Which is ironic since the majority of my writings and advice center around spirituality, love and empathy… but that doesn’t mean that stuff isn’t funny. Have you SEEN a duck billed platypus!? Believe me, “Universe/God” has a sense of humor.

But I digress… The point is to be fearlessly YOU. Have some faith that the person sitting across from you will accept and be interested in the authentic version of you. If not… who cares!? That’s the whole point. You’re skipping through the bull and presenting the “truth” of who you are. I’m a fairly charming and intelligent dude… I’ve pursued and been in relationships with people who I KNEW weren’t going to be right for me. I was so wrapped up in the pursuit I forgot to ask myself a simple question “what happens when I actually GET them?”

Those are the messy breakups… when you have to dump someone for some shit that you ALREADY KNEW about them and you pursued them anyway. They’re going to look at you like “wtf, jerk? I told you I lost my pinky toe in a freak lawn mowing accident on our first date. But NOW it’s a problem that it’s summer and you don’t want your friends to see me in sandals because they’ll tease you about it!?” I’ve had women I began dating bring up the fact I have children well after the first date and how they, “could never be a step mom.” Wow! Thanks, probably something you could have let me know on the first date when I was showing your ass my family on Facebook.

Most relationship books and “Guru’s” are going to tell you to use a shotgun approach to dating. That might work for some but not this guy. I can’t stand sifting through person after person who I intuitively knew I wouldn’t get along with. But some writer some where wrote in FHM magazine that it’s the “best approach” and so here I am sitting across from my 4th awful date this week. Now, if this method works for you… kudos! Continue doing it. I on the other hand prefer using a sniper like approach. What is the “sniper approach” you may ask? I target potential mates early on. Obviously, the looks are important. However, for me it’s much more important to see what kind of character a woman has. I want to know what’s beyond the 2 lbs of makeup and self tanner. I’ve dated/married “beautiful” women, who’ve appeared in magazine pages and runways around the country. Bleh… Show me something. I want more. The looks are a wonderful bonus but I don’t want to find myself riding in the car with you after 6 months, thinking “I wonder if I’m going slow enough for her to tuck and roll with minimal injury, so I won’t have to listen to anymore of her idiocy?”

I find it hilarious that men are deathly afraid of this mythical place called “The Friendzone” *boogity boogity!*. If your goal is just to “hook up” or “casually date” then yes, this isn’t the place you want to find yourself. However, if you’re looking for a legitimate “long term relationship”. The “Friendzone” is EXACTLY where you want to be. Men who can’t escape the friendzone simply don’t know how to project enough confidence and self-esteem to create attraction and sexual tension. If you want help with that you’re going to have to read a different article. I’m making the assumption that you already know how to flirt and create that type of sexual energy. The beautiful thing about the friend zone is that you’re allowing someone in and you’re both being authentic. There isn’t any ulterior motives or expectations. It allows you both to decide, based on that friendship whether they’re someone you want to wake up next to for the rest of your lives. Essentially what I’m saying is, start introducing yourself to and making friends with, people you find attractive. That way if you DO decide they’re someone you’d like to pursue later on, you don’t have to worry about being attracted to them. I LOVE the friendzone. Every meaningful, worthwhile relationship I’ve had, began that way.

I’m going to leave you with a few simple words. Be authentic. Be sincere. Be fearless and most of all have fun. Men/Women love to be around people who make them feel good about who they are and the easiest way to accomplish that is by having a good, positive vibe.

Finding love is impossible because love finds you. Learn to love you and you’ll find that you become an irresistible, magnetic force for quality mates.

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